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The Legend of Futian

NovelThe Legend of FutianThe Legend of Futian
Chapter 2602 – Submission flesh girl
Would the Shen clan pick submitting or destruction?
Ye Futian himself attended the To the north Cliff Spot, the boundary of the 18 websites on the Divine Prefecture.
Shen clan lord’s expression changed unappealing as he observed the visitor. He got finally are available below in fact.
“We’re discussing Yu Sheng. Why would I hold you back?” said Hua Jieyu while looking into Ye Futian’s view. Her gaze was happy as prior to. She a.s.sured him, stating, “Don’t be concerned. I am going to not select you. I am going to look forward to your profit in Ziwei Imperial Palace.”
Ye Futian was momentarily amazed. Then, he smiled and claimed, “I can’t cover up everything from you.”
In that case, another issue he necessary to think about was what he would do about this?
On the other hand, she understood that Ye Futian would not accept to permit her to tag coupled. As a result, she would put it off patiently for his come back in this article.
Would the Devil Emperor tolerate Yu Sheng not diminishing?
The muscular tissues around the Shen clan lord’s experience twitched when he presented his fists firmly. He clenched his tooth enamel and stated, “I totally agree. Within this occasion forth, the Shen clan will distribute to the rule. Even so, in the event you order Shen clan to look die, I will not achieve it.”
“It has become 137 several years since we primary satisfied, and this is our 133rd year with each other,” Hua Jieyu replied gradually. It was actually now Calendar year 10,133 with the Divine Prefecture Schedule. They decided to become partners during the firework festivity, which noted the introduction of Year 10,000 from the Divine Prefecture Work schedule.
“From these days onwards, Shen clan will comply with my commands,” Ye Futian planned with a domineering overall tone. He wished a giant-levels pressure to publish to him and function under his order.
“From right now onwards, Shen clan will obey my directions,” Ye Futian recommended that has a domineering color. He wished for a giant-levels compel to send in to him and job under his demand.
Would the Devil Emperor tolerate Yu Sheng not limiting?
Ye Futian stated, “The incident in past times brought about my vendetta against Shen clan with the Lessen Worlds. Even though you joined in in the future, I do not possess a robust cause to annihilate you. I can provide you with an alternative.”
Ye Futian came to a heavens stream. The water was dark in color and was accompanied by terrifying hard storms. It checked such as stream was holding from your heavens.
Ye Futian was stupefied. He investigated Hua Jieyu with puzzlement.

This b*stard.
Shen clan lord was lessons in seclusion along with the purpose of turning out to be much stronger. He essential to upfront 50 % a step even more ahead of he could relaxation his concerns being defeated.
Soon after he enjoyed a superior familiarity with the worlds, only then did he be aware that the Devil World along with the Divine Prefecture were nearby lands. The areas of these two key worlds ended up hooked up!
Hua Jieyu arrived at his part and sat downward quietly behind him, not troubling him. She could convey to that Ye Futian obtained some thing on his intellect, so she merely sat there silently and kept him organization.
You could just imagine how perilous his visit could well be.
He hoped which the information was fake, nevertheless he needed to fundamentally do away with this prospect.
“Clan Lord, go and get ready a few things i claimed,” Ye Futian concluded nonchalantly.
This was the Dark-colored Stream, the edge which split up the Divine Prefecture along with the Devil World. After one crossed the Dark Stream, they could arrive at the gateways, which will cause them to the Devil Planet.
Just after he had a better comprehension of the worlds, only then does he understand that the Devil World along with the Divine Prefecture have been neighboring areas. The lands of these two significant worlds were actually attached!
Or simply, could they imagine to agree with Ye Futian’s get? They would endure the humiliation and remove him when the opportunity arose in the future.
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You can picture how perilous his journey will be.
What Mei Ting mentioned was real. With Yu Sheng’s identity, he couldn’t bargain along with the Devil Emperor. Ye Futian did not know what type of particular person the latter was in the meantime, but the become an expert in who determined within the Devil World would probably be extremely imposing. The demonic approaches that he or she cultivated would be extremely domineering. You can picture the figure of these any person.
Ye Futian was momentarily stunned. Then, he smiled and mentioned, “I can’t disguise anything from you.”
Shen clan lord was very helpful in ensuring Ye Futian’s require was fulfilled. Following that, Ye Futian still left while using number of chosen Shen clan participants. Even so, he didn’t return to the Ziwei Segmentum with these. Preferably, he entrusted Sightless Tie up to steer them back. He got visit the Shen clan with Sightless Tie.
He assumed that this headlines should be true. There seemed to be no need for Mei Ting to lie to him. When this was a plan from the Devil Environment against Ye Futian, it absolutely was unwanted. Should the Devil Emperor wished to take care of him, it may be child’s participate in for the past to take action.
“Please speak the mind.” Shen clan lord could naturally really feel Ye Futian’s arrogant att.i.tude. Although former was frustrated, he did not dare to communicate against the second while he was weakened.
Ye Futian mentioned, “The incident previously triggered my vendetta against Shen clan from the Reduce Worlds. Although you may became a member of in down the road, I do not have a robust factor to annihilate you. I can give you an alternative.”
Before, Ye Futian had little idea regarding this.

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