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Marvellousnovel 《The Legend of Futian》 – Chapter 2377 – Coordination water bag to you-p1
The Legend of Futian

NovelThe Legend of FutianThe Legend of Futian
Chapter 2377 – Coordination observation lace
This feeling was otherwordly. It was just like if Hua Jieyu willed it, she could participate in the Divine Requiem as well. Their consciousnesses were completely connected!
It looked that the best way to break through Hua Jieyu’s safeguard was with brute compel, and after that they could squash Ye Futian so he would struggle to continue to keep participating in the Divine Requiem.
Everyone else raised their heads and watched the Divine Retaining wall. Within, an unending assortment of divine lighting beams surrounded the s.p.a.ce coming from the celestial skies to the ground, carrying on with to relocate toward where Ye Futian was. Also, the Divine Retaining wall made an appearance powering Ye Futian also.
So effective that w.a.n.g Mian along with the others didn’t even understand they were still in the Region establish by Ye Futian.
What did this mean?
Ye Futian’s Limit Wheel was more effective than w.a.n.g Mian.
So strong that w.a.n.g Mian and also the others didn’t even know they were still from the Region establish by Ye Futian.
They raised their heads and glanced at the void. Just then, surf of sound shattered through in their ears. Immediately, the Will of Grief sprang out from profound inside their souls even their hearts trembled lightly because it happened.
Section 2377: Co-ordination
w.a.n.g Mian hit out. Immediately, the numerous runes within the Divine Walls of your void close off pulsated, twisted, and converted, and streamed out with amazing divine lighting. Numerous glowing spears created for the Divine The wall surfaces, all of which have been directed at Ye Futian. Every single spears was imbued along with the Will of the Unbreakable. Behind the spears had been Matrices which caused the proliferation with this ability, which only got stronger and better.
With the strength of this absolute seal, no strength with the Wonderful Pathway could leak through it, regardless of whether it ended up the formless Terrific Path of Tempo. There was not a way the guqin looks could get away and influence them.
Hum! As Hua Jieyu’s gaze swept throughout the world around her, in a separated secondly, countless afterimages applyed out of her. Right then, it had been almost like the full void around was in a condition of utter stillness. Her tremendous telekinetic powers handled the surgical procedures of your Worldly Great Direction inside the vicinity, its power far surpassing what she possessed produced earlier.
But Ye Futian didn’t even respond to it he was still playing the guqin item. He didn’t shift, so Hua Jieyu stood soundlessly by his part and didn’t shift possibly. Yu Sheng is in top. His demonic might surged and roared as he stared within the landscape before him.
w.a.n.g Mian’s manifestation had been a minor apprehensive he acquired already guessed what you need.
For the battleground, w.a.n.g Mian’s gaze landed on Ye Futian, who was performing the divine guqin. He explained, “The Divine Requiem is definitely solid, but it surely isn’t insuppressible. Provided that the s.p.a.ce in this field is totally enclosed and secured down, what results could the looks in the guqin have?”
They lifted their heads and glanced in the void. Just then, surf of seem shattered through into their ears. Without delay, the Will of Suffering showed up from deeply inside their souls even their hearts trembled lightly simply because it taken place.
Section 2377: Coordination
The Legend of Futian
Rapidly, the hexagonal s.p.a.ce was completely covered. The Divine Wall trapped them in this covered s.p.a.ce, along with a spectacular glowing divine light erupted from within.
That minute, it seemed just like there is an unending range of Matrices rotating over the Divine Wall space with the hexagonal sealed s.p.a.ce, being an uncountable variety of gold spears aimed toward where Ye Futian was.
This resulted in while w.a.n.g Mian’s Dominion enclosed the real s.p.a.ce in the neighborhood, it didn’t seal Ye Futian’s Dominion, which resulted in all of them were inside Ye Futian’s Dominion of Popular music.
w.a.n.g Mian’s palm slammed ahead since the divine fantastic lighting from his iris glowed brighter. A superior power flowed in to the Divine Wall space and increased the revolution of your matrices to spit out much more fantastic spears.
It appeared that the only method to break up through Hua Jieyu’s safeguard was with brute push, and after that they can squash Ye Futian so he would be unable to maintain actively playing the Divine Requiem.
Since he spoke, the divine equipment and lighting on him erupted, and his gold iris looked in advance. Quickly, the Divine Walls before him expanded rapidly. It looked just like it absolutely was flowing and mixed the houses of sturdiness and gentleness. As it levitated, it enhanced vertically.
Soon, the hexagonal s.p.a.ce was completely covered. The Divine Wall caught them in this particular sealed s.p.a.ce, and a spectacular fantastic divine lighting erupted from inside.
Each of the greatest cultivators could create their own personal dominions, which they will have absolute control of.
“What’s taking place ,?” on the list of Divine Prefecture Renhuangs expected, confused. w.a.n.g Mian was of the far much stronger airplane than Ye Futian, yet still his securing capabilities didn’t be able to secure Ye Futian’s Good Path of Music?
One other 3 good cultivators witnessed from different spots. If w.a.n.g Mian could really seal three of the, then Ye Futian’s guqin can be useless. Additionally, as long as they could deal with them inside of the Sealing Dominion, maybe w.a.n.g Mian alone can conquer them.
Around the battlefield, w.a.n.g Mian’s gaze landed on Ye Futian, who has been performing the divine guqin. He stated, “The Divine Requiem is actually sturdy, nevertheless it isn’t insuppressible. Providing the s.p.a.ce in this region is entirely closed and locked straight down, what impact could the noises with the guqin have?”
They heightened their heads and glanced on the void. Just then, surf of audio broke through in their the ears. Immediately, the Will of Suffering appeared from deeply within their souls even their hearts and minds trembled lightly simply because it happened.
So effective that w.a.n.g Mian plus the many others didn’t even fully grasp they were still throughout the Location arranged by Ye Futian.

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